Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant
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Mining equipment

Production of powered supports:
Глиник (GLINIK) 06/15, Глиник (GLINIK) 08/22, Глиник (GLINIK) 12/25, Глиник (GLINIK) 15/32, Глиник (GLINIK) 21/45, Глиник (GLINIK) 25/51, Фазос FRS (FAZOS) 10/19, Фазос FRS (FAZOS) 18/37, Фазос FRS (FAZOS) 21/43, Фазос FRS (FAZOS) 25/53, Тагор (TAGOR) 08/23, Тагор (TAGOR) 15/32, Тагор (TAGOR) 24/50, ДБТ (DBT, Bucyrus, Caterpillar) 1100-2300, ДБТ (DBT, Bucyrus, Caterpillar) 2000-4300, ДБТ (DBT, Bucyrus, Caterpillar) 2000-4300, ДБТ (DBT, Bucyrus, Caterpillar) 2200-4800, ДБТ (DBT, Bucyrus, Caterpillar) 2400-5000, ДБТ (DBT, Bucyrus, Caterpillar) 2550-5500, Джой (JOY) RS 2200, Джой (JOY) RS 2400, Джой (JOY) RS 2800 (МКТ7), Джой (JOY) RS 4700 (МЛР), Джой (JOY) RS 5500, ZY 6400 15/34D, ZY 6800 18/38, ZY 8620 24/50D, ZY 10800 27/55D, ZY 11000 15/36, ZF 8600 18/36, Острой (Osroj) 065/14, Острой (Osroj) 07/19, Острой (Osroj) 14/32, Острой (Osroj) 15/35, 1М137, 1М138, 2М138, 1М142, 2М142, 1М144, 2М144, 3М144, 1М147 (ОМТ147), М174, 2ОМТ01С, МКТ, МКЮ.2У-055/14, МКЮ.2У-07/19, МКЮ.2Ш-075/15, МКЮ.4У-09/23, МКЮ.4У-12/25, МКЮ.2У-12/25, МКЮ.2Ш-14/28, МКЮ.2Ш-13/27, МКЮ.2Ш-16/32, МКЮ.2-16/31, МКЮ.4-11/32, МКЮ.2У-16/33, МКЮ.4У-16.5/35, МКЮ.4У-18/38, МКЮ.4У-18/43, МКЮ.4В-17/30, МКЮ.4У-22/42, МКЮ.2Ш- 26/53, МКЮ.2Ш-23/48, МКЮ.2Ш-20/43, МКЮ.2У- 20/43, МКЮ.4У-10/20

The major activity of the Plant was always and is now manufacturing of the mining equipment for mining industry. It was estimated, that the equipment produced by the Plant annually extracted over 130 million tons of coal in Russia and about 10 million tons in other countries.

There are only some names produced at our Plant. For further details on the possibility of manufacturing of one equipment or another, please contact the sales department.