Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant


Technical characteristics

Parameters 1М22.16-37
Section installing pitch, m. 1,5
Quantity of hydraulic props in the section, pcs. 2
Installation height of the section with spacers, mm. 1600…3700
Resistivity of the support, kN/m², with extended console, not less 960…1000
Resistivity of the support, kN/m², with shortened console, not less 1150…1200
Section resistance, kN, not less 6840…7190
Average ground pressure, MPa, not more 2,44…2,62
Operating pressure, MPa 45
Section advance pitch, m. 0,63; 0,8
Section weight, t. 22,3 / 25,8
The powered support 1М22 consists of two-props sections with four-chain linking system of the basis with the barrier; the ceiling with extensible console, equipped with the flap visor with enhanced effort and device for face keeping (from H ≥ 2.5 m). Extension boards and a pusher-jack (with a landside) installed onto one side are used in the section. It is possible to reinstall hydraulic cylinders, boards and pusher-jack onto another side.
Landside location in front area ensures the adjustment of the section basis by every order of their extension. Increased resistance of the support is ensured due to maximum diameter and working pressure in hydraulic props. Apply of spacers in the basis and hydraulic props of the section considerably expands the field of application with required power parameters.