Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant
We have been producing mining equipment since 1961
Technological capabilities
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A history of our Plant began long ago in 1961. The Plant was founded to accelerate the production of pilot items and batches of new machines and mechanisms for mines, as well as to perform experimental works for mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes.

The equipment was produced here, offered by constructors of Moscow region and other research and development institutes. The specific nature of the Plant assumed a rapid change of the product range, minimum use of stereotypes and clichés, which required, in turn, nontrivial approaches to problem solving.

In the late 1960s, the Plant started the production of pilot experimental items of mining equipment: complex 1-MК, roadheader КШ-2, augering machine БШК, self-propelled rolling stock ПМК-2. As the result they significantly eased the miners` labour and considerably reduced coal extraction costs.

At that time, many infrastructure facilities were built, from specialized warehouses to the own boiler house, and the total quantity of machines in the Plant reached 120 units against 17, which had existed in the beginning of the enterprise organization.

We should especially mention a foundation of the Central Plant Laboratory, consisting of a linear-and-angular laboratory, a metallography laboratory and a mechanical testing laboratory, that immediately resulted in a considerable improvement in quality of the manufactured products.

A galvanizing segment was established to provide chrome, nickel, zinc, copper plating and oxidation.

In 1980, when another large-scale reconstruction began, the Plant saw the next dramatic growth in the quantity of process equipment by more than 30 items.

Increase of production capacities allowed the Plant to master manufacturing of new powered complexes 1МК85 and КПМ-90, units АПК and КБП, roadheaders К10, КАМИ, 1КШЭ, 1РКУ20, КШМ, and КСП, reinforcement supports КШУ, belt conveyors 1ЛТС, rack lines 2УКП, БСП5 and 3БСП, labour-saving devices МШ and МШР for wheel-mounted and crawler-mounted handlers «Shtrek-5».

During this period, the Plant justified to the full extend its purpose as a creation and testing ground for new specimens of equipment.

Despite all difficulties of the 1990s, the personnel of the Plant endured and became more hardened, sophisticated and proven in hell and high water of market reforms.

It was calculated, that the equipment produced by the Plant annually extracted over 130 million tons of coal in Russia and about 10 million tons in other countries.

For 50 years of its history, the team of the Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant has accumulated vast potential, which keeps the traditions of national mechanical engineering alive.

At present, the machinery fleet of the Plant contains 226 items of equipment, including 2 laser metal sheet cutting systems, a plasma system, CNC turning and milling machines. The area of the Plant is 5,7 ha. Our major activity is manufacturing of the mining equipment and replacement parts for it.

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The team of the “Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant”