Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant


Department of mining equipment and powered hydraulics

On production and modernization of mining equipment. Including: sections of powered supports, powered hydraulics and hydraulic controls.

Mining equipment, Powered and hydraulic equipment:+7 (48746) 7-34-98
Personnel department:+7 (48746) 7-18-64
Supply department:+7 (903) 841-30-74

Repair and reconstruction department of hydraulic cylinders

Regarding repair and reconstcuction of hydraulic cylinders of any type, size and any complexity.

Repair :+7 (48746) 7-27-54
+7 (960) 598-98-16

Department of oil-and-gas equipment

On production and modernization of internal devices for technological equipment and heating furnaces

Internal devices:+7 (48746) 6-78-78, 6-76-76
Heating furnaces:+7 (48746) 9-70-47, 6-70-25
Mounting department:+7 (906) 534-97-57
Supply department:+7 (48746) 3-78-66

Department of integrated metalworking

On design and production of metal items according to technical requirement
Trade House “Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant”
Address: Moscow, Ryazanskiy Prospekt, 10, building 2.

Integrated metalworking:+7 (495) 215-10-42

301790, Russian Federation, Tula region, Donskoy, Severo-Zadonsk, per. Shkolny, building 1

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