Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant
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We have been producing mining equipment and hydraulic cylinders since 1961

Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant

A history of our Plant began long ago in 1961. At present, the machinery fleet of the Plant contains 226 items of equipment, including 2 laser metal sheet cutting systems, a plasma system, CNC turning and milling machines. The Central Plant Laboratory consists of a linear-and-angular laboratory, a metallography laboratory and a mechanical testing laboratory. The Plant has well developed testing facilities. There is a test unit for powertrain of powered supports sections, allowing to test all supports with the upper limit to 3.5 meters; a test unit for powertrain of hydraulic props and hydraulic cylinders. The area of the Plant is 5,7 ha.

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Participation in the exhibition Coal of Russia and mining

The International specialized exhibition of mining technologies “Coal of Russia and mining” took place in the exhibition center “Kuzbasskaya fair” in Novokuznetsk city.

614 exhibitors from 24 countries took part in Coal forum: Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, PRC, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Republic of Belarus, Russia, Slovenia, U.S.A., Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, RSA and Japan. The area of 14200 m² was used on location for exhibits.

The Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant also took part in the exhibition.

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Technological capabilities
technological capabilities

The machinery fleet of the Plant contains 226 items of equipment

Quality system
quality system

The quality control is carried out at all stages of production

Engineering capability
engineering capability

A team of highly qualified specialists with long-term experience