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Placing of foreign companies` production at our areas

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Our Plant is always to proposal on the cooperation with foreign companies for placing of production of hydraulic cylinders, mining equipment, internal devices for technological equipment of oil-and-gas and chemical complexes and other products at our areas.

This approach allows:

- to participate in State tenders on beneficial terms

- to reduce repeatedly logistics costs

- to increase widely the customer base, because we have worked in the industry for more than 50 years

- to reduce production costs through relatively low labor cost relative to the significant changes of the currency exchange rates

We cooperate now with a range of foreign companies in the production of belt conveyors and elevators. Productive experience has shown, that we can guarantee the output with strict compliance of partner companies` technologies, and our specialists are ready to adapt the production of items for our equipment. The construction department of our Plant has an experience in adaptation of foreign companies` drawings for domestic State Standards and metal.