Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant
Powered Support 1КМ144КС


Technical characteristics

Parameters 1КМ144КС.16-32 1КМ144КС.20-28 1КМ144КС.22-43
Section installing pitch, m. 1,5 1,5 1,5
Quantity of hydraulic props in the section, pcs. 3 3 3
Installation height of the section, mm. 1650…3200 2000…2800 2200…4300
Resistivity of the support, kN/m², not less 700 800 750…800
Section resistance, kN, not less 3900 4450 4200…4450
Average ground pressure, MPa, not more 1,5 1,6 1,8
Operating pressure, MPa 38 40 42,5
Section advance pitch, m. 0,63; 0,8 0,8 0,63
Section weight, t. 9,8 13,5 15,2
The load-bearing-barrier powered support has three props, two of them support the ceiling, another one – the barrier. Extension ceiling and barrier boards are on one side of the section. The basis of the section with an elongated front goes under the basis of the conveyor. Two jacks for extension are on the sides of the basis. The barrier is linked with the basis with a hinged four-link chain. The barrier is equipped with a hinged visor with the face barrier device. There are extension enclosures, controlled by hydraulic jacks, for ceiling of intersectional gaps on the ceiling and the barrier.

Depending on the mining-geological conditions and the Customer`s requirements, there can be three bases modifications:

- short solid basis (1КМ144К, 1КМ144КВ, 1КМ144КК);

- long solid basis (1КМ44КИ, 1КМ144К3);

- rigid-linked catamaran-type basis (1КМ144КВ2, 1КМ144КВ3, 1КМ144КВ4).

The powered support 1КМ144КС was first made in 2006 and is used now in the «Anzherskaya-Yuzhnaya mine» in the Kemerovo region.