Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant
Powered Support МП1, МП2


Technical characteristics

Parameters 1М20.10-21
Section installing pitch, m. 1,5
Quantity of hydraulic props in the section, pcs. 2
Installation height of the section with spacers, mm. 1000…2100
Resistivity of the support, kN/m², not less 850
Section resistance, kN, not less 6000
Average ground pressure, MPa, not more 2,5
Operating pressure, MPa 40
Section advance pitch, m. 0,8
Section weight, t. 11,55
Is intended for work with taking-out narrow-cut combines. The powered support 1М20 consists of two-props sections with four-chain linking system of the basis with the barrier and the rigid-linked or integral ceiling ensuring the highest effort to support the hanging wall. The basis of the section - rigid-linked catamaran-type. Extension boards management for the section adjustment in the seam plane and workspace protection under the support against small stuff – independent separate double-sided.