Severo-Zadonsk Experimental Plant
Telescopic cylinders

Telescopic cylinders ЦГТ-1-95М16.130.80.1305.000 as an example

The telescopic hydraulic cylinder ЦГТ-1-95М is intended to control the working bodies of hydroficated machines and mechanisms, also to control the working bodies of municipal machinery (garbage collection vehicles) and road construction machinery.

Overall dimensions

Telescopic cylinder. Scheme

Technical characteristic

Nominal pressure — 16 MPa
Piston stroke — 1305 mm.
Push rod force — 80.2 kN
Liquid volume — 17 dm³
Operating pressure — 1962 kN
Cylinders of the given nomenclatural group, manufactured at our Plant, are of high quality, reliability and long operational life. This is achieved by using of support-guide cylinder elements of high-strength and wear-resistant materials, also by treatment of a high quality.
Admissible ambient temperature: from +50° to -40°C.
Climatic modification - mild, category of accommodation 1 according to GOST 15150.
Hydraulic fluid - mineral oils with a kinematic viscosity from 8x10-6 to 3500x10-6 m²/s (cSt) with a degree of refinement less than class 15 according to GOST 15216.